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Dodgey Mechanics


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My boat trailer is due for rego next week. It is fitted with mechanical brakes and has a 2.5t GVM so it needs to be inspected (pink slip) annually just like a car.

Today I rang a local mechanic and asked him when would be a suitable time to bring my boat down so he could inspect the trailer.

He said, "Don't woory about bringing the boat down just bring the rego papers and I'll sort the rest out".

I clarified, "So you don't want to physically see the trailer?"

He replied, "Nah I'll just take your word for it. Its only a trailer at the end of the day".

Yes a trailer that carries 2.5tonnes and my $50000 assest you moron!

If I am involved in a collision whether I be at fault or not and the insurance company investigates it and discovers that the trailer was dishonestly registered then any claim for damages would be immediately denied.

It is legislated that all trailers fitted with brakes and over a certain GVM be inspected annually to ensure compliance and safety on our roads for all road users. This mechanic has no regard for road safety and what he is doing is nothing short of professional negligence. I would love to see him called before the Coroner to explain his business practices.

Everytime a visit a busy boat ramp I am amazed at the large volume of decrepit boat trailers getting around. I am not talking about the little ones that tow alloy boats I am talking the medium and large ones that carry quite substantial glass boats. These large boats can become missles in the event that the trailer fails. Now I know how these decrepit boat trailers pass for rego each year. I agree that is a pain in the back side to get the pink slip for the boat trailer each year but hey that is the joy of owning such trailer boats.

I encourage all responsible boat owners that come across such behaviour to report it to either the police or RTA. These mechanic's are about making a quick buck and not doing their job as authorised inspection stations (AIS), which they all love to flog on their business cards/signs. This authorisation can be quickly removed from these rotten mechanics.

Hence I will be finding another trust worthy mechanic. I am sure if their are any mechanics out there they would solely agree with my rant to rid these dodgey mechanics from the industry.

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I think this dogey mechanic didnt know he was speaking to someone with 11 years service in the highway patrol (busted).And I agree one rusted trailer cross member can take someones life out on the road very easily regards dunc333.

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