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1st October Croc and jew


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Hi Guys

Went out for a fish on the public holiday, headed out from Drummoyne at 6am and out to the harbour.

First up landed a nice jew that went 85cm.


Then I landed a nice croc that went 105cm and was released to fight another day. My first over the meter mark!


I landed one more flatty 75cm that was kept. Picked these guys up on the trusty 7" gulps.

Tight lines


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Geez mate you did very well. Glad to see a bigger model Jew instead of the endless 50-60cm models that have been around for the last few seasons.

I am heading out in the morning for a squid flick then hit the hole for high tide king or Jew.


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I gotta get myself one of those brag matts! I have a wooden rule screwed to the side of my gunwell that i use to measure.

That's the crap thing about being by your self fishing....no one there to take decent photos of you and the fish.

This shot shows the width of its head...like a shovle!


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Don't want to be the party pooper but is that rod in the pic a daiwa sol?

All my light to medium heavy placcy rods including my daiwas first guide is about 800mm or so from the butt......

Not trying to create a stir just not making any sense to me.....would love to be proven wrong , nothing I love more than seeing a genuine metery

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