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Port Stephens jewfish


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During the holidays the family and I went up to port Stephens for the long weekend to chase jewfish. During winter we had problems with our sounder meaning this was our first trip in the area for a while and we were keen to get amongst the fish . On the first day we headed out to our 'secret jewie spot' and produced 5 fish all over 75cm with the biggest going 8.2kg. On the second day we experienced a difficult drift and only managed 2 around 4-5 kg each and then decided to fish a different spot and managed 3 bream around 30-35cm. On the third day we managed to catch a fresh local squid which produced 3 decent sized baits all of which produced a fish within an hour including the biggest one of the trip going right on 10 kg. On the last day the conditions were near perfect and we managed to re-use the baits from the previous day and land another 6 fish ranging from 4-9kg within less then an hour. Overall we finished the weekend with 16 jews, 3 bream and several whiting which were caught between 5-6 anglers who were all keen to try out catching a jewfish. The spot has produced countless fish over the past 3 years with consistent schools of fish appearing on our sounder each trip. All fish were caught in a deep hole in the bay and were all caught on Hawksburry and Port Stephens squid using 5.0 circle hook. All in all it was a great weekend with no rain and happy faces all round thumbup.gif

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You've done it again Squizzy.

I remember your previous reports and looks like you've found a magic hole that produces quality fish. You gave me some pointers last year but I'm yet to manage a port Stephens Jew. I lost one around the anchor rope but at least i saw it. Looked like a 75 cm fish. I caught heaps of different sharks in that spot and had some good runs without setting hooks. All on strip baits. I have not really tried live baits though.

Anyway mate well done and great to see all the family getting involved.

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