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General Zod

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I when to this place a couple of weeks ago, only to use the toilets and throught I would take some pics. Got there dead set on low tide. The fish finder was reading a 0.5 and 0.6 reading. as i headed out the propler hit sand just to the left a small patch very hallow. High tide well be good. You can see the sand wash up the ramp at high tide. Good ramp for small to medium boats. No need to get feet wet either. They did a good job with the platoon.

here are some pics

post-15062-037873100 1349612756_thumb.jpg

post-15062-051639100 1349612771_thumb.jpg

post-15062-036933100 1349612786_thumb.jpg

post-15062-073121500 1349612806_thumb.jpg

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Guest Aussie007

looks very fishy :biggrin2: i never knew there was a ramp over there thanks for posting that looks like a great spot for squid

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