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Insane week of blacky fishing


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hi guys,

been flat out and better late than never to post i suppose..

with the last chances of early morning fishing before work with daylight savings started last week i decided to hit the blackies for an hr or so.

had 3 sessions mid week and a 2 - 3 hr one on the w/e.

there was good groups of fish moving around and i tried a couple of different spots in pittwater for similar results.

hot action with small breaks anow an then.

i prob caught about 100 blackies or so over the 4 sessions with alot of missed ones each trip. went through 2 packs of hooks from the bustoffs and biggest ones went aprox 47-48cm.still to get that 50...

had a double and lost one as leader hit net edge and the one i got was 45cm so i nearly pulled off a miracle solo,oh well was a big adrenaline rush over the 4 or 5 min fight.

things i noticed was 2 of mornings i had to hit them early as i saw them not moving alot but ripping at baits turning heads quickly so good to vary when you hit em with missed downs as even though they were only hooked in lips sometimes at least i got them as they were not swallowing even small baits just grazing shyly.

better tide this sunday so hope there is still some around as they are thinning out a bit now.

its a hard thing when you keep getting 40cm + fish and all i want is a couple more around the 35cm for the table nice problem to have i suppose....

Heres a couple of mixed pics.









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I only kept a few for a feed tried only keeping smaller ones for feed and a trick i have been using was slight press of fat spawn fish and if milk came out kept him but if not let her go with a quiet word to be a good mummy and have lots of babies and hopefully i can meet them in a few yrs.. rofl

This worked well except for one big girl i musta interupted having fun.. rofl .

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Is it a coincidence that when one of the jedi's is down injured that there is a mass run of fish feeding like they are safe from harm... I thinks not...

heal well master royce..

Stormy,they have been on/off like this in pittwater for about 2 months and last little while the av size is up alot.

I got sick of netting and retieing hooks so ran 10lb mono straight through so i could just lift them.a guy watching didnt understand why when i dropped a good eater(33-35cm) and got upset and didnt worry about the 40+ ones lol...Released alot on the lift lol. Still lost a few hooks on bigger ones and nearly lost float twice.

Picture this.... Bait up= 5-10 sec...

Drop in one of a couple spots there holding count to 10-20 secs if no down swap spots.. Didnt have to swap spots many times..had a handfull of times where it took 5-10 min to find them but was mainly the w/e with bad tide that this happened.. Mid week about 90 mins of mayham and was soooo hard to leave them for work :( .

One of the days i thought the 10lb leader mighta made em shy so switched rods but was just the mood they were in at time grazing instead of wacking baits..

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<br />Always two there is a master and an apprentice but which one was destroyed................got to love Star Wars analogies Steve! By the way theres is stacksof weed down my way in most of the creeks if you need a ready supply!!!!!!<br />
<br /><br /><br />

Yeh stopped by there last week and grabbed some for a bit of variety.. Its growing good everywhere atm..

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This only works when they are actively spawning and doing there stuff.. Usually once start finding roe etc around end winter into spring the boys start sqirting sometimes once landed or a gentle push will help. Not foolproof but can work sometimes..

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<br /><br />

<br />

Just ask any old blokes about 200 in a day up the North coast when they are running!!!!! Remeber the days Steve no bag limits fill 3 keepers!!!!! The madness of it1 It was sheer lunacy I mean 20 fish wou;d feed the family and neighbours!<br />

<br /><br /><br />

Yeh the good ol days... Luckily the pros have not worked out a way to get quality table fish from netting. No real commercial pressure means theres plenty for fishoes if they look after them.

We go through about 4-5 fish a meal so usually only keep up to a dozen or so.

My 2 boys aged 8 & 10 nailed 13 this morning while i played bait man.. Lol.

Still a few around..

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