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Long Reef Advice


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Hi Guys

I have really been enjoying going further afield in my new boat an want to give Long Reef a go this weekend. I have not been there before - can anyone please give me any advice on where abouts to fish and what species I can expect I would really appreciate it.



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I haven't had much luck there my self but most people go there to chase snapper or kings.

Best advise I could give is go up there with say one snapper stick and one heavier Kingy rod and just sound around till u find fish, bait or good looking areas and put in some marks. Its a huge reef and the fish could be anywhere on it just depends on the day.

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Watch out for the bommies inclose, as they break frequently and sporadically in any sort of swell. If you fish the wall at Longy make sure you have a really tight drag, as the kings and jews that inhabit this rock wall love nothing better than burying you in the boulders.


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