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Seals in Pittwater


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My 6 year old son spotted them first......2 big, brown fur seals, first at Sandy Pt where we launched, then at Stokes Pt where we fished. Local fisho Peter Le Blang has been mentioning them for a month or so in his columns, and they are still hanging around. I reckon these guys were 6-7 feet long and could have weighed upwards of 250KGs....really chunky critters. We berleyed and fished fresh mullet and live nippers for 2 hours, and couldn't even get the kids an undersized red to catch and release (let alone a seal). A few weeks back we spotted a large green turtle floating off Mackerel Beach. Pittwater is home to some unusual sealife! Some footage of one of the seals in the Palm Beach moorings http://www.nautilusyachtmanagement.com/a-seal-in-pittwater/

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