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Harbour Jew


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Went out 5pm Saturday to take a couple of mates out for a fish in Middle Harbour overnight.

We tried to get some livies first but they didn't seem to be around, so we anchored up and started the burley going. Steve (Cluster13) a fellow Raider was first to hook up with a big Port Jackson :thumbdown: He enjoyed it though.

I was getting nothing then Steve hooked up again, just before dark. This time, a bit better. A 60cm Jew taken on a supermarket prawn, believe it or not.

post-10917-081034000 1350288450_thumb.jpg

That was it until about midnight, until Kai got a hook up. It didn't do much at all at first but it had some good weight, then it saw the boat and bust him off :ranting2: Someone hadn't set the drag properly. My fault as Kai was using my gear :05: . It was definatly a good Jewie.

Everything shut down after that so we had a short snooze before heading into the main harbour for first light. Had to negotiate several boats anchored under the spit bridge as we went through, hope they did better than us.

Very quiet in the Harbour until we moved between the Heads and drifted for a few good flatties. So we all got a feed at least. Pulled the pin about 9am. :thumbup:


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Dont be too hard on yourself mate, all fishers are responsible for the gear they are using. Especially if its someone elses. I went out with a friend last week and he lost a biggie too. I laughed and told him it couldnt have happened to a nicer guy.. now I have a 2 trip ban...doh.(thinking-023.GIF note to self..keep big mouth shut and laugh on the inside)

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Nice work on the Jewy.

When you drift between the heads for flatties do you use a patanosta ot jsut a running sinker and make sure you stay in touch with the bottom?


I drift using 2 droppers off a paternoster rig. Pillie on one, squid on the other. Cover all bases. :biggrin2:

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Good effort on the jew mate.

I thought anchoring under the spit was a big no no? The MSB usually patrol that area often too.


It is. :ranting2: I was being polite, just in case they were Raiders. No attempt to move for me to get through either. No sign of Maritime at 4.30am.

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