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Oh So Close To A Pb


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Travelled to Bega for work and staying with friends near Bermagui gave us a chance to get out for a flick on Friday.

Local knowledge was that Killer Tomato was worth a try and thus picked up some pink bass minnows.

We decided to try Walliga Lake which has been closed for 3 years and only opened again a week ago after the rain and some high tides.

We were advised that 4-5kG Tailor had been caught in the lake in recent days.

It was a nice 3 hours on the water and my mate was fishing Live Nippers and managed a 35cm bream with a couple of other dropped fish.

We anchored ujp in an area with water busting up all around us and began flicking minnows into the appropriate areas. Next thing zzzzzzzzzz and I am on to what we beleived was a tailor and felt 2-3kG by the way it was running and from what I have caught in the passed.

A 5 minute wrestle began and we directed an oncoming boat around us to avoid getting cut-off. This was the first time I have ever been down to the last couple of turns of 125yd Fireline and approaching backing.

We tossed up whether to chase the fish or stay put and wrestle. We chose to stay put and unfortunately I was broken off :ranting2: in one of the many aggressive runs the fish took.

A heavy weed and the odd rock area may not have done us any favours BUT it was an exciting and adrenalin pumping fight that I wont forget easily.

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Guest Jocool
BUT it was an exciting and adrenalin pumping fight that I wont forget easily.


THATS what keeps us going back for more! :1clap: Bit of a hard luck story, but I'm sure you will bounce back. :biggrin2:

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