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Bugger all at boltons


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I went out to boltons reef off palm beach on Tuesday and got jack, firstly tried to get some squid and not even a sight of one and then tried to get some yakkas of west head and could only pick up 2, so I tried to get some snapper at boltons and could only pick up a few juvies that had to be thrown back, the water was pretty green and the temp was 16.1c.

Is anyone having any luck in the area lately? Anyone found the squid or some kingies to keep the spirits up?

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Bloke next to us at Stokes Pt chased a hooked kingy around Pittwater for 20 mins in his tinny last sunday. Half pillie bait.....they, like us had been there for a couple of hours, so it was a loner I reckon. He lost the fish.....came back to report he was using a light bream rig so did well to battle as long as he did. I keep an eye on this (press the red play button)......... http://www.bom.gov.au/oceanography/forecasts/idyoc14.shtml?region=14&forecast=1# Can't be too long now!

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