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Electrical db / fuse board

Bleeding Green

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So now that I will be replacing the sounder shortly it's probably a good te to finally tidy up the electrics.

I am about to buy a baintech 12 slot fuse board with both positive and negative connections, and a total amp rating well beyond what I will need.

This will supply the radios, sounder and lights with power.

Anyone have any reason why the baintech is not fit for my intended purpose?

Ps I'm also going to order a six slotted for the camper trailer.

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There is a lot of work required to fit one of these units to a trailer boat including a suitable place to mount where it will be easily accessable should a fuse blow.

If you proceed , identify each wire or have a list handy so if , say the Nav lights fail , you know which fuse to look at rather than to remove each fuse looking for the possible faulty one.

I think in line fuses are better but that is a personal choice as they are easier to locate & replace.

For the camper , that may be a different story depending on how the electrics are set up ,suitable mounting position & access


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I just had another look under the dash and I think you are right, it would be a decent sized job.

I thought I could label each fuse and that would make it easier than it currently is. But everything works I was just looking to tidy it up as the wiring is a bit of a mess. But I will get a better buss bar for both terminals, tidy up the wiring, keep the current inline fuses and see how that goes.

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