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trout are about in numbers


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caught my 56th trout since the season opened this arveo. seems the last 2 years of wet weather and no heat have let them breed. my step mum and mates think its good they have been eating them for tea for the last few weeks and i gave a mate a few big ones for the smoker. if we get the hot summer that they think we will get then that will be the end of them so have been making the most of it. here is a couple of pics. got a lot of fottage on my gopro including some under water stuff as well but i will wate untill december and put a movie togeather when i have time.

post-6149-033909200 1350806207_thumb.jpg

post-6149-096699600 1350806234_thumb.jpg

post-6149-061197100 1350806257_thumb.jpg

post-6149-007222200 1350806278_thumb.jpg

post-6149-013661300 1350806303_thumb.jpg

post-6149-084455400 1350806326_thumb.jpg

post-6149-098277700 1350806345_thumb.jpg

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