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Went to Port Douglas on a family holiday and managed to have a bit of a fish along the way. fished off a wharf near the marina 3 times. I was using my shimano Fish Outta Water long which is a 6-8 kg 7-3 rod, with a shimano Sedona 4000 with 20lb brai. I managed to catch a few flathead on gulp 4 inch plastics, at low tide I managed to catch a nice mudcrab. When winding my rod in the line starts screaming it was on a strip,of squid with a 1/0 hook after a good fight it turns out to be a 51cm mullet. I sent him back as thee not that good eating. I also managed a small barracuda on a metal. I almost managed a nice thredfin salmon on pilchards around the 65cm mark, but it took a jump and the hooks fell out. There were also a number of small GTs caught along with whiting and bream.

portdouglas is an amazing place to fish and charters are definitely what you need to land the big fish. Sadly they all get booked out months before hand.

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