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Forster Rock Fishing


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Anyone know of a few good rock fishing platforms for blackfish, around Forster. Did P.M. Roberta, but she must still be in N.Z. Heading off in the morning for a week, so any help is appreciated and will save time searching.

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GDay Stormy

I know they like hang around the southern end of Foster Beach at the rock pool as I have snorkled there often, and I have pulled a few out there as well.

Fish on the concete wall of the baths I found best.

Fishing there can be a little tricky as this must be fished on a fullish tide and any size in the swell will keep you away.

I know they also like the enterance to Wallace lake area BUT the water runs much to fast there.

On the Tuncurry side of wallace lakes you may also be able to find a bit of slower running water (this would be minimium a few hundered meters from the enterance.

Good Luck


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Well, just returned from a week at Forster. Roberta never replied to my P.M. so missed out on meeting up with her. :( Had a go at worming, but never found a single one. Pippies were also scarce and small. Caught nice salmon off 7 mile, on S.P's. Big tailer on the northern corner of 7 mile and some blackies out of the eddy off the Forster side of the breakwall, at the entrance. All the locals were complaining about the lack of fish and the abundance of weed in the lake. Said, "you shoulda been here last year". Oh well, there is always another time and we sussed out some good spots to target a couple of species next time. Seal Rocks looks good as well.

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