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Stockton Beach Fishing


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Hey all!!!

Wow its been ages since I have been on here, with a young daughter who is almost 2 I cant remember the last time I went fishing. Anyway I have managed to get away for a day and Im heading up to Stockton Beach with a mate from work, so everyone wish us luck. I am going to give everything a go, try and catch some salmon and tailor, flatties and whiting using some fresh worms caught there and then on the beach. We will be hitting the waves by 6am and probably leave when have had enough (is there a such thing). If anyone has been up there of late and/or has any tips it will be greatly appreciated and i will be sure to write up a report, even if all we catch is weed and too much sun.

Thanks in advance


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Thanks guys

Well we were greeted with a bit of wind and a rough sea, but after driving 2 hours we were not turning back. We started off near the wreck and my mate pulled in a Tailor around 35cm on a surf popper. Not long after I lost something that got my reel screaming, I called Salmon. And as quick as they came, they left. We moved a bit further south where we found a nice gutter. Not long after the first cast, bang, Salmon, used the waves to help bring him in while walking back from the water. He went 54cm. The bite went off again, so we moved again, but this time headed north, found a really nice deep gutter so we threw our lines in there. Just as we were about to move again, I retrieved my line and I was on again, this one a little bigger at 55cm. As I was taking the hooks out, my mate was on and bringing it in, looked to be another salmon, but with the final wash of the wave and the line going slack, it spat the hooks and you could see it flapping on the sand, and with that we run after it only to see him disappear with the next wave when we were a few meters from it. Packed up at 12pm after arriving at 6.30am. Not a bad day out in the end. Better than catching nothing.

And on a side note....the beach is now closed for camping sorry to say.

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