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Sydney Harbour Jewwy!


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Hi Raiders,

Starting off at now my favourite jewwy spot, my mate and i started off by collecting about 10 yakkas after losing 2 two a greedy cormorant and a heap falling off the hook, we had fresh bait and a wharf to ourselves.. SO GOOD! :biggrin2: With my mates rod baited with a bottle squid and mine a fresh fillet off one of the yakkas, we deployed baits into extremely warm water. After about 20 minutes my baitrunner tears off at a steady pace and after about 5 secs of running i struck! BIG weight and plenty of headshakes resulted in a 67cm jewwy, first for sydneys water! :yahoo: That was at about 830 with the run out tide and things seemed to die down after that, probably because we had no decent time in the water without a ferry interrupting!


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Well done :thumbup: Interesting you got it on a yakka fillet though... Many rate them as very poor on jewfish but it seems you've proved them wrong. I reckon live is best though... Can;t argue with a result like that though! Top effort :biggrin2:

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