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Rigs for live bait


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Hi All,

Myself and a friend are new to fishing in Sydney.

Over the past few weeks, we have been fishing from some of the Eastern Suburbs wharfs and rocks - land-based, and on the harbour side. We have been pretty successful in catching yakkas, but are not sure of the best rig when using them as live bait. At this stage we are targeting jewfish, and in the coming months hope to target some kingies.

If anyone can offer us some advice I would really appreciate it. I am looking for information on how to setup the rig with regards to line, swivels, floats, sinkers etc, as well as information on how you would actually place the hooks in the yakka (bearing in mind we'll be land-based).

Thanks so much,


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When rigging livies for Kingies I prefer to use a float with about 2 metres of line to the hook. This makes for a more visual experience and is a good depth as I often fish in about 4-5 metres when fishing from land in the harbour. I use about a no. 5 sinker. to keep the bait down. Depending on how many livies I have I usually use a 4/0 -5/0 to pin the yakka just in front of the dorsal fin and one smaller stinger hook (3/0) near the tail. This double hook method will reduce the life of you bait but it double your hook up...especially if a big bonnie or salmon turn up as they seem to like eating them tail first. If you are running low on yakkas go just one dorsal hook.

Bare in mind I have only caught a couple of kingies but this is a no fuss method for me.

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