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Finally some success well almost


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So a mate an I decided to make an early start on Saturday morning to try our luck at catching a few kings or Jews.

4am start got to Tunks, loaded up the boat and hit bantery for 5am. Got the burley going and the yakka's were in in the live well ready to go. We pulled up and and hit a new spot not too far away. On arrival we dropped anchor in around 20m of water started to burley and placed two livies out to see what was around. As I was rigging my second rod I realized my handle was missing to my new reel. Absolute devastation, now had I dropped it overboard or lost it (rookie error) luckily I had a spare, as I was rigging me second leader I see a large silver flash in the water, I think to myself you are just imagining it. My mate screams its a king, they are here, all of a sudden my livie is right next to the boat and on the surface. Whack the king swallows the yakka and my reel begins to scream. I let the fish run the grab my road and try set the hook. I feel the tension and begin to wind. All of a sudden slack, I reel in my line and find a few scales left on the hook I can only think that the I just didn't set the hook. We put out a few more livies but no interest from anything y this stage the wind had picked up so we headed back.

Even though we did not get the fish this is the more success we have had in two years. Thanks to all the help from everyone on this forum.

I do have one question, what is the best way to rig the yakka, we were using 3/0 circle hooks set just behind the head of the fish. Is this the best way?

Thanks again for all the help next time there will be photos. :thumbup:

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Hi Stinky,

Mate if you're using circle hooks you don't really need to set them. Chances are if you gave a good strike with this last one you pulled the hook right out of his gob. If you're using circles & I'd be using bigger than 3/0's too, you fish with your reel in fighting drag & let the kingy hook himself. Under no circumstance should you strike to set the hook when using circles. That's my experience anyway. Doesn't matter if you're chasing bream or marlin... let the fish hook itself. Even so you will loose some no matter what you do.

Rigging as you do is ok or through the boney part of the nose. Kingys will eat a yakka head first 99% of the time so you need to place the hook at the front end of the bait.


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Yeh, 5/0 or 6/0 circle is more the business...

I tend to pin it through the shoulder of the bait if I'm not trolling.

This allows the line and hook to slide into the Kingies mouth, then be in the correct position to set in the jaw as it sides back out.

Or through the nose as Kingy said (either way, but NOT in the back half of the bait).

And DON'T strike with circles!

Better luck next time!!

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As above have said you do not need to strike with a circle, apply pressure but it should be slow and gradual, if you want to fully understand how the circles set put it In a bucket and drag it out slowly to the side (pulling the line) it should catch on the lip of the bucket of you do it slowly enough, of you do it really fast it'll jist skip past, exactly same thing happens with the fish's mouth. You strike with offset hooks because they usually set in the gills of the fish however it damage the fish, they can die from deep hooking (waste of an undersized fish if u catch a rat) and isn't as strong for fighting the fish.

Good luck next time mate hopefully you land one next time they're a hoot !

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G'day Stinkbait.......I'll race you to your first kingie......I haven't caught one either, but this year will have a real crack. I have read so many reports and tips from the raiders - it's a great help. I get the feeling the real answer is squid, but catching a few before the kingies go off the bite is tough, so i'll persist with yakkas now the water is warming.

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Sounds like plan, See who catchs the first King :thumbup:

I agree the fresh squid seems to be the way to go and knowing where to be. So mush to remeber, but all worth it for the grad prize. Good luck mate, I will be headingout again in two weeks if not sooner to try my luck.

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