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Port Kembla Weekend


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Decided to go out around Port Kembla last weekend with a couple of mates

Sat arvo head off from boat ramp going to fish inside Port Kembla harbour, drifting for flatties - got nothing. Couple very small flatties and couple very small bream.Steak for dinner.

Sunday morning early set off - tthis time headed out to Flinders Island, little bumpy but Ok. Still nothing. Tried pillies, squid, prawns, lures - still nothing.

Moved over to Big Island trolling along the way (you never know)All the while one of the mates is starting to go green....

Drifted back and forth between the islands and got a few goatfish ( I think they are called - red fish with two little feelers)small trevally, small reddies, large sgt bakers, small port jackson. Got busted up a couple of times using light gear. Went to heavier line and not a touch.

Went back into harbour to help out my mate, drifting around once again getting everything undersized.

Got stopped by Maritime to get us to move along as you can no longer drift in the outer harbour. Check the boards before you go out as I thought it was just no anchors. He did tell us that you can closer to shore between No.3 & No.6 jetties. The rest of the area is a "transit zone". No harm - no foul. He also told us they have been getting jewfish close to No.3 jetty and bream close to the rockwall. We got nuthin! Snags for dinner.....

2 young blokes did get fined though - no life jackets. (no brain)

But it was still a good day - first test for me and my new (old) boat off port. Can't wait to get back out!


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