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Looking for reports on Jervis bay


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  • 3 weeks later...

was down last weekend,water still cool 16 to 17.fish and bait out round island but not on the bite,didnt even wanna touch live squid.hope it starts

to go off soon,cant be long now.got some nice whittings on the beach on nippers.good luck

Was down on the weekend water still to cold me thinks still not alot happening water was still around 15 to 15.7 inside 16 - 17 out chatted to a cupple of others there they said the same should be starting soon

Anyone else wanna let us know how you went down here...

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I was there 2 weeks ago, fished of the beach in the early morning on the run out tide for 10 good sized whiting in 2 hours. Was fishing at the beach at huskisson. The whiting are there though you need to use fresh bait.

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