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First boat - good allrounder

King Godian

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Hi everyone,

First time poster here.

I've decided to get a boat and have started to do as much research as possible.

From reading the posts it seems I'm after the holy grail - a cross over boat to go fishing as well as taking the family out on the water.

I have a budget from 18-23k. 2 kids aged 9 and 12.

With that budget I'm looking at a 2nd hand boat, like a Bayliner 185 bowrider. Somewhere around a 2005-2006 model.

I haven't seen many bayliner owners on this forum.

I live close to Bobbin Head and could get it down to the water in about 10 minutes.

We go up the north coast each year to North Haven for holidays, so I want to take it up there as well.

I used to go fishing a lot as a kid and find it very relaxing and fun. I want my kids to do it as well but with the option of tubing or just cruising around.

I take it a few people have done this same search that I'm undertaking.

Any advice, comments or tips appreciated.


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Guest Aussie007

half cabins are good family boats kids can sit inside the cabin out of the sun also good if a sudden storm comes u have protection only bad thing is they take up half of the boats fishing space

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