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How Was It ?


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Swoffa how did ya go on Sunday at the Bream :1fishing1: or if anybody else :1fishing1: the social let us know.

My day ended up like this :1badmood: cold, windy, no fish except 3 fat yakka's and a boil up just out of casting range :ranting2: I was wrong Pete the fish were'nt under the wharf :risata:


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I was lucky enough to score two lone 'rats', which I was more than happy with after my original plan of fishing the bays downstream was literally blown off the water! :05:

T'was good to catch up with 'the lads' again tho', despite the conditions.


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Tip? Did someone say Tip? What tip! :1prop:

And yeah the day positively sucked as far as catching breams go. I did manage to get two breams in the bag tho, but only after I flattened the heck out of the breams to get them to the legal length :074:

Aside from the shocking winds, the barometric pressure was low...something like 1008hPa I think.



PS the baro pressure has since shot up to a humongous 1036hPa today!!

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................also copped a soaking punching into the wind and chop which hooky is still laughing about


Yep, never a dull moment on my tinnie. :yahoo::risata:

I've always said, "fishing is meant to be fun". :thumbup::yahoo:

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