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Sydney Harbour 03/11/12


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G'day Raiders,

Just a quick report nothing special. There are some serious Trevally in the harbour at the moment. There's 5 in the picture but me and my mate dropped at least 6 between the both of us. When they get their head down it's just crazy town. :1prop: Got pinged! by a few...I'd say they were pushing the 45-47 mark.

Rig: Korean float

Rod: Seajigger 305

Reel: Stradic ci4 with 12lb varivas

Bait: Peeled prawns combo with fresh squid.

Once these boys got burleyed up you could probably fish at them for the whole day. unfortunately I had to call it a day early to go home and finish reading biz law stuff.....so I can go again tomorrow morning. Will report back again



post-17226-006651800 1351932415_thumb.jpg

post-17226-093859700 1351932427_thumb.jpg

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Great report, those trevs look great size. Where about in the harbour were u fishing?

Yea... I also want to know where about in the harbour? I remember last year around the same time I caught heaps of them right in front of middle head.

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