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Pittwater Jewie


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Hi everyone,

I took the kayak out in Pittwater this morning to see if I could find any kingies. It looked pretty dead (no squid, no yakkas, no surface action and no kingies) but I did pick up a 72cm jewie at Lovett Bay while flicking plastics around the moorings. I got the fish in 11.3m of water near the bottom on a 7inch jerk shad gulp on a 1/2 ounch 4/0 jighead under one of those massive yachts.

Total fluke, but I have been out that many times for jewfish for nothing, I reckon I was due..


post-12802-031477300 1351999972_thumb.jpg

post-12802-024926600 1351999982_thumb.jpg

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Great fish mate :thumbup:

Not many people fish for jews in pittwater but there's some crackers if you know where to look.

A mate caught a 13kg in Feb this year at Stokes Pt on a live squid. Yakkas and tailor would work as well i think.

Even sweeter to get it on SP though!

Nice Job! :thumbup:

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