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Fishing of Brighton Beach


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Hey guys,

Decided for a change to fish of the beach at brighton sunday morning instead of taking out the boat. Pumped some nippers on saturday afternoon and hit the sand at 5am. It was low tide with the tide was running in and there was minimal swell on the beach. In a space of 4 hours, landed 2 monster whiting, a flattie and a trevally. Lost another good sized whiting as well. The bites went off at about 8am.

The whiting seemed to come in waves with the whiting being hooked up in close succession though they we sitting deep off the beach.



post-3623-036808800 1352067638_thumb.jpg

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Nice catch Anthony, fresh whiting and flathead are the best.

Was down there last week and got a couple of smaller whiting and heaps of just/almost legal bream that went back. Interesting that you said they were further out, I found exactly the same thing. I normally fish one rod out deep and one really close in and the deep rod out fished the close one by 5:1. Might take a drive down tonight and fish the turn on dusk.

Good luck


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