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Bonnet Bay


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After a weekend of a few false starts (won't bore you with the details but we've all had them. Best laid plans etc...) I was frustrated that my weekend was to be a fishless one.

Finished visitig some relos and still had a little bait in the esky - headed across the park at Bonnet Bay. Landed 4 whiting (the best of them a nick over 38cms) and one tailor who'd swam a little far upstream! I thought it may have been a soapy when it hooked up - at 40cm it gave a very good account of itself on 4lb braid.

So with 3 fish in the bag & a few more than that put back to fight - it went a little way to mending my weekend.

post-12244-098734400 1352095021_thumb.jpg

post-12244-092121100 1352095057_thumb.jpg

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Well done Dave, can I ask what bait and tide you fished, I flick lures when my little girl plays nearby and seem to get weed due to the depth, still trying with poppers so at least I know the whiting are there....... I assume you cast to the sand bar , if I see a bloke there landing fish I will say hi

....great family spot

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Nice fish Dave, well done :thumbup:

I have many of those weekends you've described where best laid plans get thrown out the window for one reason or another :thumbdown: It's funny though how catching a few good fish quickly makes amends!

Keep up the great work :thumbup:


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I was using bloodworms for bait - they were fresh Saturday but had died by Sunday. I fish the lines in pretty close to the shore - as far as you can cast a pea-sized sinker. #6 long shank hook on a generous trace length.

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