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Need fishing buddy's for land based


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Hey guys my partner and I want to head out more for fishing as Warner weather coming up. Wanted to see if anyone else keen to catch up for a fish so we can learn some new spots and tips etc.

We have no boat so has to be land based but also like to go squidding.

We live out west but no issues with traveling let me know :)

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Not sure how much help I'll be but if you ever wanted to try Hen and Chicken Bay in Concord (Parra River), I'm there land-based a lot of the time as I live nearby, don't drive/boat, and have an obsessive personality :tease:

I'm pretty new myself but have been getting some success with bream, flathead and way too many small tailor, all on lures (plastics and HBs).

I'll most likely be down there this Sunday from around 10am, somewhere around Bayview Park at the end of Burwood Rd if you're up for it. High tide's at around midday so will probably be hanging around til at least 2pm, though I usually have no problems with wading through to the low (any fishing is good fishing as far as I'm concerned).

That goes for any other Raiders in the area as well, always happy to meet other fishos. Had the pleasure of meeting Carlo27 on the wharf just last week who gave me a packet of gulp turtlebacks to try. Lost 3 tails in the next few casts to chopper so they definitely get some attention!

Drop a PM if you're up for it!

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