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Rose Bay to The Spit


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Went out Friday and Sunday Arvo's,

Normally target Kings but have had trouble locating squid and yakkas partly because I haven't had a fishfinder for over two months as Garmin Australia have managed to send me two faulty replacement units in a row, however I am promised a new one is on the way! :0( but also because I think there has been a real lack of bait around.

Anyway, every cloud has a silver lining! I have been fishing a bit with vibes and have been amazed at the results, I normally use soft plastics but the vibes seem to be far more effective.

In the last three trips I must have caught 40 odd fish. Most of them small but also some thumpers, I lost a 3ft+ flattie and a big Jewie due to light leader wearing through (both at Rose Bay). Other species I have caught are bream, trevally, rat kings, flatties, snapper, tailor and what I think is a pilchard!

The Pilly was caught in the deep water just before the no-wash zone towards the Spit about 3 ft under the surface on a big eye blade.

The pics dont do it justice it was beautiful electric blues and greens, was going to use it as livebait but it expired in about 2 minutes even in the live well with the pump going? took it home to eat but it was full of bones. The trevally make great sashimi and fry up just like kingfish! noice.

I have been using Berkley big eye blades but have just invested in some Ever Green and TT ones.

Trevs and bream were caught at Rose Bay and Lady Jane and the squid at Balmoral. Got one really big bream which I released. Also had a chuck at the markers with the wilson jet popper at dusk but not takers.

Was using Daiwa Crossbeat Egi 8ft rod, Shimnao Symetre 2500 loaded with 4lb power pro & 15ft of 8lb berkley fluorocarbon leader for all the small stuff and rapala x rap 10- 20kilo rod and shimano saragosa 8000 with 50lb power pro and 50lb Fluorocarbon leader for the popping.

Berkley big eye blades were white, light brown and dark brown.

Cant wait for the water to warm up!

Tight Lines!!

post-15085-008408200 1352716531_thumb.jpeg

post-15085-093816200 1352716535_thumb.jpeg

post-15085-012134900 1352716542_thumb.jpeg

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They make a gun butterflied bait. Even better as a livie. You are right, they won't last long in the tank but they sure won't last long in the water with a hook in their back if there are kings about. Downsize the hook to help preserve them.

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