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Hi Raiders,

Currently looking at two sounders. Opinions/thoughts/other options????

hummingbird 798cxi hd si combo

lowrance hds5 gen2 with lss2(structure scan)

I have not been fishing outside yet, I'm mainly in the Georges and Hacking systems.....ocassionally Shoalhaven river, StGeorges basin. So yeah mostly estuary, lures predominantly.

I think the HB has a preloaded Aussie map, not sure about the HDS. Someone maybe able to clear this up for me. Either way, obviously the way to go is an optional map, but how are the preloaded maps, say if you know the system's fairly well.

Also say I start venturing outside heads of the above mentioned systems, say up to 2 km, the sounder/gps would be/function ok???

My boat is what you see on the left of the screen and currently has a HB matrix 12.

Reading whatever posts i could find, seems as though both have fans, and assorted problems. The screenshots are pretty cool that have been posted up of either.

Thats about all guys, just after thoughts on comparing these two.



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HI Mick, everyone will have an opinion on such a topic and I have used and fitted both units and out of those two I would go the Lowrance, especially the Gen2 versiona dn LSS-2, they are a step up from the originals. The HB system does have its good features like only one transdcuer and no module for Structure Scan, but then the transducer has to do two jobs as does the processor while the Lowrance unit has dedicated transducers and processors-so does not need to "multi-task" and just like males that is a bonus. Also the structure Map feature with Lowrance is a great tool and they both come with in built world wide maps, but if you want greater detail you will need to buy an extra Silve, Gold or Platinium chart.

If you want the Raider price get in touch with me and some good deals happening till the end of the year.



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