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Kissing Point Wharf


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G'day Raiders

Decided to head out to Kissing Point Wharf around 10pm last night to test out how to use Sabiki rigs. Since my hands were already going to get dirty putting prawns on the rigs, I decided the rest of the nights fishing would be done with prawns.

There were no yakkas out that way but managed to hook several small tailor so at least I know how the Sabikis work now :thumbup: . After a while though I managed to get the rig tangled... and after about 10 minutes of fruitless attempts to untangle it, I cut my losses and moved on to straight up fishing.

Between three rivercats passing by and also a group of Year 10 students coming back from their formal on a cruise, I managed to hook 2 bream one about 20cm and the other 30cm. These 2 didn't muck around either, as they swallowed the hooks whole and put up decent fights.

On the other platform was a guy targeting jewfish on what looked to be frozen squid. Something took his bait as his rod went zzzzZZZZZz crazy for a bit but then spat it back out as the action ended pretty quickly.

Meanwhile I was ready to call it quits and pull my rod in, when I got that "not another snag" moment. After reeling for a bit and the line hadn't snapped, I thought, it could be a shell on a rock, so I persisted reeling, then I noticed something was pulling the line everytime I tried to reel in a bit. This continued to happen for about 5 or so minutes and it felt like my rod was about to break.. Finally ... SNAP, lost hook & sinker. :thumbdown: I think it was a mud crab but I guess, I'll never know. Was a bloody fun fight though and a good way to end the night :)

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