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So hungry.... so caught a feed of crabs, flatties, squid and kings (add Jews to list now!)


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Hey raiders

With ok looking conditions I hit the bay with my mate pete who has donuted for the past 4 or 5 trips!! Hahaha

Any way, caught a good 1/2 dozen squid in the morning and then went looking for some bonnies on the troll... instead we found a good school of rat kingfish and got double and triple hook ups.. all the kings were small and released except of one unit we hooked up and almost got spooled on 20lb gear!!! it was a beast of a fish that we lost after 2 massive runs... it stripped 150m of 20lb in seconds... Heartbroken...

post-10545-062362800 1353143836_thumb.jpg

post-10545-072631400 1353143909_thumb.jpg

From there we went to another spot to downrig our live squid - we got jack all...

Zoomed over to get some flatties and found a few to 54cm on blades and plastics.. with Peter breaking his duck and me landing the larger fish hahaha!!

post-10545-026131700 1353143969_thumb.jpg

post-10545-072427200 1353144016_thumb.jpg

post-10545-025337000 1353144062_thumb.jpg

Tossed out some crab traps at a top secret location with magical baits and scored these!! Yum

post-10545-035445100 1353145109_thumb.jpg

Go a bucket load on a single drop !! They were all big and fat... can't beat fresh crabs...

post-10545-065819700 1353144280_thumb.jpg

We also stocked up with a 2 tanks of live yakkas and squid and will go for a Jew bash tonight ( actually now after I go to KFC!!). Hoping to cap the day off with some jewbags!!



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Cracker day! Hope to read the Jew reports tomorrow!

After I slam down a 2 piece feed I will be after those jewbaggers.... live report tonight hahaha!!

Wow nice catch mate. Well done as always. Are you setting crab traps now while you are going for flatties?

Wonder where you pick up the nasty habit of putting a rod in your mouth from? :074:

Haven't you seen my reports from previous years.. They call me the crab king ( good crabs not the nasty ones you catch from other people!!)

I target crabs every spring / summer...

As for the rod in my mouth ( fishing rod that is!) , how else can u check out my $1000 combo :) hahaha

Great report Trung - I am not sure if I want to ask you for fishing tips or tips on how to get the wife to let me out fishing as much as you!


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Easy, give her the platinum credit card and tell the wife to go crazy on it...

Happy wife happy fishing life! :)

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Don`t believe you can go and have a feed of KFC when you have such a great catch of Seafood fresh in the boat.

All I would be thinking would be those tasty BS waiting to be gorged.

good work on your catch.

WARNING don`t forget that you have a couple of live crabs in the pot when fishing for the jew.

OTHERWISE //////////////// ??????????????

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Well done Trung, looks like you've had a ball! Your mate must be appreciative for breaking his drought.

Also I can see you're putting those Samurai Reaction rods to good use!

Yeah- had a great day out, condition just got better as the day went on...

Love the samurai rods... great price, range and performance. We had about 10 of them on board yesterday and put the lot of them to good use! :thumbup:

How is your SR402 rod going? Caught anything on it yet?



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