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After recently catching bait the opportunity presented itself to set out to catch a Jewfish. We found a protected spot, but as there was no bait off to "ol' faithful" we went.

We set 5 baits. I had 3 outfits between 10 - 15lb and my friend James had 2 similar ones. At the turn of the tide 2 of my rods went off. One stuck and ran deep. I felt token bumps and fish No. 1 came on board.

The tide slowed. With 5 fresh baits we sat back to listen to music. Then James rod buckled over! The fish changed direction twice. It ran hard and we could see the mono backing coming through on the spool! When it stopped I cleared the lines and the rope. Luck was on our side and fish No. 2 came on board.

post-3217-063574000 1353544960_thumb.jpg

post-3217-083231700 1353544988_thumb.jpg

post-3217-064686700 1353545046_thumb.jpg

post-3217-021928600 1353545065_thumb.jpg

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