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Prawning any good this Saturday night


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Hey just wondering if it will any good this sat night to catch prawns at the entrance wanting to take the family up and see if its worth takin my prawing gear only ever used it once so would be good too but don't wana get cold 4 ten prawns lol

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You won't get cold if you have good waders and a jacket.

Weather conditions look good with slight winds and no rain,the biggest problem is the moon phase the full moon is next Thursday. The best time is 4 days after the full moon for 2 weeks.

In saying that the tide is ok it should be running out at 8.30 Friday night.

I have caught them in a full moon so the answer to your question is nobody can really say for sure you just have to be there.

Reports during the week were 1 to 1.5 kilo which isn't a lot but it is a feed.

I'll be there, I just can't help myself.

Hope this helps

Cheers Steve

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