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Long reef


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First time there couldn't of mist it boats everywhere.what a top day to be on the water.sweep city one after another good fight on bream gear for my boys every now and then u get past them and they would catch trevallies good size fish no sinkers just floaters down the burly trail anchored up with two big baits fresh squid for kingfish .lost 3 big fish on the rocks each time cut me off.full drag couldn't stop them .was fighting one for 15min and I could feel it rubbing on the rocks for the last 5min 40lb braid .

Next time maybe .the boys couldn't even hold the rods with heavy drag like that I was struggling myself .good day out boys got there first trevallies and Iam still waiting for my first keeper kingfish.epu2u3ab.jpg

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Great report mate, the boys must of had a blast! The kings there aren't shy and it gets tricky with shallow waters they go straight for the reef when you give em stick.

Trevs are good enough to eat mate like DTF said just bleed em straight away. I just fillet em and deep fry them throw some chopped up garlic.

Cheers su

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