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Northern beaches bream and whiting


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Hi raiders, with a few slim fishing sessions decided to head north for some good old beach fishing. Tried to get some blood worms every bait shop in town was sold out so got my hands on some tube worms and some live nippers, we arrived at our spot around half way to the run in tide, lobbed out some baits and waited nothing and an hour in after loosing baits to some bait fish bang I got a hit bream around 28 cm, bang my mate shortly after got a good run on a whiting 28cm, then another hit on my rod on the tube worm again a nice 28 cm whiting, my mate hauled in 2 more whiting , and it went quiet around hung tide and half an hour later my breambo 5 wrap buckles over what a take ( mind you I was having a drink about 10 meters away when I saw it buckle over) I ran over some thing good has had a go at the nipper I strike hard and pull the reel just locked up what a salmon I think, maybe a jewie? Far shot! But loosened the drag and I regained some line on my cheapie reel I was using I walked into the surf I didn't want to loose this fish after a few more tense moments I see the fish a bream whoa this thing was powerful little bream it went around 30cm but it was thick, yeah bream for dinner tomorrow!!! After a few more cast my mate pulls in a whopper whiting around 33 cms and we called it a day! Lovely weather and I finally got Feed of fish looks like the warm weather is hotting up the fishing action too.

12 lb fc leader 30cm

12 lb mono line

Small pea sinker

Running rig

Long shank size 6,&4

Worm hook size 6

Baits tube worms and live nippers, peeled banana prawns didn't produce fish.

Water temp 18.5 c

Light wind Nw

light swell


Tight lines,


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