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24/11/12 Land Based Long Reef


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Went for a fish on Saturday with my little brother @ long reef (land based)

Tried a few different spots and sad to report nothing caught....not even a single bite.

This was my first time trying the area and god we lose alot of gear.

Started off with some servo squid moved to pilchards and then even went down to prawns All different style of rig set ups (even flosts to dave some gear) - nothing at all :(

Anyone fished this area land based and got some tips??? looks like a potential spot to catch some squid - had a bit of a flick for some but nothing :(

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It depends what species yr after.

I grew up at Longy and whilst I haven't fished there a helluva lot, I know a coupla places.

On the northside (the basin) you can go off the beach for Bream and other beach species particularly during or just after a southerly blow. I've caught salmon on a float (because I was losing too much gear)from the rocks near the channel marker pole and there's few Good Blackfish spots scattered around to the sand behind the point which you need to get in early if you want to fish from.

On the southern side, long reef beach is good and if you're willing to walk toward the tide poles in the middle of the beach sometimes there's not too many people around! There's Blackie spots off the rocks again and near the rocks I've heard of people catching Snapper in winter and have tried myself without success, one time I tried throwing metal lures at a school of Sea Mullet just off the last stretch of beach and got busted off by something BIG that I'm pretty sure wasn't a Snapper.

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