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Battery Test


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Hi guys,

What's the best way to test your battery? I've had the boat for over a year now, all good. But I don't know when that battery was put in.

Whats the most accurate way to test? What do you look for?

Thank you.

For warranty purposes there should be a date pannel on the top of the battery with the year & month purchased scratched out.

As for testing , the correct way is when the battery is under load , ie , when starting the motor but this can require special equipment.

However , an easy quick check is to use a multimeter or battery tester like this one.


A multimeter cost a few $$$ less than the battery tester.


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If you are unsure as to the age or condition of your battery, replace it!

its the important thing that not only starts your engine to get you out and home but runs all the ancillary devices too.

piece of mind is better than a wild guess.

generally, batteries if well cared for will last a couple of years before showing signs of tiring. unless you enjoy rowing occasionally, i would simply not bother trying to salvaging your current battery to last another year or so, which it possibly may well do and replace it with a new one. simple, no stress and no stressing about getting stuck on the water with a dead battery. happened to me once and wont happen again!

lesson learnt for mine.

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