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Sydney Harbour Pre Fish


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I have decided to enter in the Bets Bream Series and round one is on Sunday 9th December in Sydney Harbour, I don't often fish the Harbour for Bream so decided to go out yesterday 26/11/12 and hopefully use the day to catch as much Bream as possible in spots that I thought would hold some.

I decided once I caught a fish keep it in the live well and move on another 100 meters or so and try and cover as much ground as possible, I really want to have some spots under my belt so during the Tournament I'm not guessing.

I fished Mangrove's, Rock Walls, Ribbon Weed Beds, and wharfs to find that they all produced Bream. Like I said once I caught one I moved to cover more ground and have more spots for the big day, also don't want the fish to get spooked by my weapon of choice...............OK the Zman 2.5" GrubZ.

All in all it was a great day on the Bream I caught 10 in total, 4 of them were Legal size and the biggest went 34cm to the fork. All were kept in the live well and released in great conditionthumbup.gif.

I will probably go out again on Thursday and fish different spots.


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Top effort mate and all the best in the competition.

I really want to start getting into bream comps but i dont have a boat anymore : (

If its plastics your into, dont go past the new eco gear plastics. the grubs are awesome aswell as the atomic plazos.

Shallow divers have been working really well for me too lately. All the structure you have fished sounds the goods. Dont go past flats and shallow water aswell.

Looking forward to the report/results,

Cheers, Stan

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Cheers Guys,

I did try a few lures but stuck with the SP's most of the day. With your knowledge and experience I will use Thursday to give it a go.

I have all the lures to try so will give it a red hot go, ill let you know how things pan out.



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