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King on squid gear

T jack

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Hi, lads

Whent over to little Manley at 500am to try and get some squid baits for a king fish sesh on the weekend . It was very slow going on the squid front with only small ones just following my jig. Managed to get 2 at around 150mm so I decided to use one rite there and then .just for a bit of fun b4 work.

Problem was that I only had a 1/3kg raider rod with 4 lb line and 4 lb leader. Lobed out the squid and within 10seconds it got hit line was poring of my poor little reel and All I was able to do was have a laugh at what was going on. then my line got rubbed on the reef and it was all over as quick as it started .

Why can you always seem to get a kingy on a small rod but when you use the 30/50 lb gear its so hard? They must know.

Anyway left around 630 am to make it to site on time and was stoked with my king on squid gear smoking . Can't wait to get revenge with my new saltist 6500.

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Mate if you have a saltist I think the kings may end up taking revenge on the reel instead, one of the members on here was bricked by a decent king on his saltist and completely destroyed it, his names sydangler (Ollie) if I remember correctly ?

Good to hear there are some kings in close, had a frustrating squid session out there not long ago also

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