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MH tonight


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Hey Mr Ed, where do you park at night? I've wanted to do Roseville at night but the gates at Garigal National Park close at 7:00pm I think?




The bridge is the go at night. However, if your keen for an allnighter, head up the end and park, then fish through the night. PM me for spots if you wish...

Cheers, Tom

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There still is a national park fee $7, but I have been of an evening and never been booked. Even if you buy a ticket and fish late into the late you need to be careful because it expires at midnight and not 24hours

The other night I parked down near the kayak ramp and road my pushy loaded up with gear right up into the park and up the track...Might've been a good idea to take spare head torch batteries, those speed humps through the picnic ground sneak up on you on the way home in the dark.

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