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Leaping Lizard


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Threw some plastics around the high tide in Careel Bay this morning.....nothing in 50+ casts so switched to a hard body and picked up a flathead and a whiting in 5 casts. Always been more comfortable fishing hardbodies in shallow water. Anyhow, the whiting was only 2 inches longer that the lure and I saw it hit in the clear still water. The flathead, when 30 meters away, went airborne at least 2 feet out of the water. Never seen that before.

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A few years ago in the main channel of Port Hacking, water about 20 foot deep, I saw a fish splashing on the surface chasing bait fish, while I was motoring along.

Thinking it was a tailor, I slowed down for a look and saw a flattie around the kilo mark. It was swimming under a school of anchovies and rounding them into a ball, then it would charge through the school and grab a few anchovies, and slow down and round up the ball of anchovies again, and then make another charge through the school again. Watched it do this for about a minute, then I motored off. Very interesting to watch as the flattie crashed through the anchovies and broke the surface like a pelagic fish.

Have had flatties jump out of the water before, when hooking them in shallow water, but usually not too far above the surface. Anything is possible.

Look at the picture of the white pointer in the Saturday Telegraph, Sydney, jumping clear of the water with a seal in it's mouth.

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