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Berkley gulp 3 inch shrimp natural

Flathead bream

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G day

I bought berkley gulp 3 inch shrimp natural. Could u please help me how to rig gulp shrimp to catch bream. (Pictures :)

And also which retrieve should i do???

Do i do the same rig to catch flathead or different rig to bream.

Gday mate, there should be pictures on the back of the packet.

Here's a video clip of how it's done:

. Rig should be the same for bream and flatties.

As for retrieves, you can mix it up and see what works best for you. I think it depends alot where you fish as well but I'm sure others can elaborate on what's worked for them. My personal preference is two twitch flicks up, let it drop to the bottom then slow reel rinse and repeat.



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