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WONBOYN - Flathead


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Gday all - we have just come back from our annual boy's trip where we have our annual Flathead competition this year we went to Wonboyn .. For some strange reason the size of flathead were way down this year - we caught heaps of fish but mostly around 33-38 cm ... This just mean't the competition stayed alive for every session cos of the quality of fish .. But as always we had heaps of fun filled with laughter and that's whats it all about getting away with mates and having a good time .

As always we filmed our highlights & lowlights of our trip hope you enjoy :yahoo:

Cheers Troy

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Hi all

Anyone having luck with harbour kings yet? Most reports i read are still offshore?

Big day in the harbour yesterday:

7 inch shads at the markers

Hard bodys up and down both heads

Live squid and yakka at the markers, old mans hat, colours reef and spit bridge for nothing.

Is my new boat cursed or are the kings yet to appear inside in numbers?



That was fun to watch.

Cheers buddy

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Mate, that video was fantastic, hilarious (the dude sleeping/snoring) and painful (treble-hooked leg - OUCH)! Pretty solid fishing too. I'm hoping to get up there at Easter time next year. Hopefully the flatties will still be chomping lures then!

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