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Traps for mud crabs


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Thanks guys so the square traps are the go for muddies only 1 each

Any style of cage trap with entry points will suffice.

You could use witches hat style traps to cover more ground, but muddies will make a mess of them and you will have your work cut out trying to get them untangled

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While we're on the subject, can anyone suggest any good areas to try for muddies?

I've tried a few spots in MH lately (up around the mangroves at Roseville) with no result.

Using a folding box net as described above, with an xl mullet frame splashed with tuna oil for bait.

Any other suggestions?

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i do a bit of muddie crabbing back home on wallis lake each year, i usually have one trap out and just check it and re-bait each day,

this yr im going to try and use the 5 dilly pots your allowed, now that i have a boat now and can cover more ground with the 5 dillies if im on the watch re-checking them more often,

witches hats do get destroyed by muddies, but i have the two ring collapsible dillies with the heavy mesh, just gota pull em up quick and straight,

on bait, cant go past whole fresh mullet, but failing that, a can of cat food slightly ring pulled works well too, oil slowly seeps out, muddies dont have very good eye sight, but great smell...

i love crabbing and reakon i get more excited pulling my trap than flicking lures waiting haha,

happy hunting,

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I'd go the 4 entry round pot as it give more opportunity for the crabs to get in.

I personally use the stinkiest slab of tuna and put it in a bait bag.

As for sydney I don't know locations although I have caught them at Berowra but it not a prime location. The further north you go the more you get as they prefer a warmer climate. I head up to the the Nth coast every year at christmas to see the family and catch about 12 in a week.

It's like christmas was when I was a kid...I'm getting excited only a few more sleeps til I get my muddies.

I guess you can scout around but my tips on locations are...

Muddie/Mangrove areas

Steep muddie banks

Good tidal flow (I think this works as it takes the scent further)

I find the best time is a high tide during the early part of the night. I always seem to have two in my pot if that occurs. So leave the pot for as long as possible. Ideally 12 hrs or check it on the tide change.

Here some of my beauties from last year...mmm

post-12654-020238700 1355988625_thumb.png

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