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Late report botany


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Hi raiders,

Bit late but a report none the less. Hit botany on Monday.

Late start hit the water at around 9:00. Tried molli for zero. Conditions were great. Slight breeze from the east, run in tied, and 20 degree water.

Thought we would be in for a chance with a hoodie. Went over to the drums, burley going strong. Managed a 45cm flathead and a big flat flounder.

Soon after there was some surface activity right behind the boat, so I threw out a small deep diver and bang, was smashed by a tailor.

We then came to realize that there was a huge school of mackeral and yakkas behind us. So in no time at all had some in the live tank.

At this stage the wind had completely died off and the bay looked like a lake. Went outside south bound in search of a hoodie or two. Sounded around for some time but nothing really substantial on the sounder.

Water temp was around 19.3 and I thought we would be in for a chance. Slow trolled a yakka on the dr for zero. Wind picked up so headed over to Brighton for a flatty drift but not much better there.

I was glad to get my pre Xmas fish in before I shoot off to honolulu tomorrow with the wife and kids. I'm keen on giving a charter a go. Will keep you all posted on my adventures.

Anyway merry Xmas to all and a safe new year with your families and most importantly tight lines to all.

Cheers Daniel

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