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Fishing for flounder

Flathead bream

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Im the same as Fishingphase,Ive caught a few drifting for other fish like whiting/flathead using a simple running sinker rig with baits such as worms,peeled prawns yabbies etc.As for sinker size i use the smallest ball/been to keep the bait moving on the bottom and have caught them whilst using size 1 4 or 6 baitkeeper hooks.

Hope this helps.


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Drifting from Barrenjoey head towards Lion island produces flounder on a regular basis as well as flathead. Flounder and flathead are similar to catch as they both lay on the bottom waiting for prey to come past and then striking. For this reason I use a square sinker that kicks up the sand as it drags along with a swivel then a short 1/2meter trace with a long shank hook. The flounder does not have as big a mouth as a flathead but still can manage to take reasonable size hooks and baits.

Regards Jeff

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