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Sydney Heads Advice Needed


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Hey raiders, new to this forum and spent most of the night reading alot of reports and topics,

This is a top site.

im taking the father and cousins out on thursday past sydney heads.

ive never been outside the heads and not sure where to go.

any tips and advice on close reefs and got spots where to catch flathead, mowies and maybe a snapper or two.

will probably be bottom bashing, might keep a couple rods midwater for other species of the bottom.

depending on weather of course, if not will just stay in the harbour. any good spots on the east side. i only mainly fish the west side

thanks raiders.

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Longreef is a good option at the moment. Kings and snapper in good numbers.

Fish baits on the bottom but floating whole (unweighted), ganged pillies down a burley trail is deadly at times.

For the flatties, look for areas that are a mix of sand and gravel on the bottom. The sand/gravel patches surrounding most reefs are a great starting point.

North Head itself is worth a look though. Kings, Snapper, Tailor, Trevs and more at the moment.

Burley up!

Cheers, Tom

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Yakkas and fresh squid don't bother buying it, probably won't get touched.

Soft plastics work pretty well out there, slick rigs, flick baits and shads have all gotten me good results.

Lightly weighted pillies will usually be smashed by a kingie too so don't just put em out on your light rod, the number of times I've been busted off on half a pillie on my light gear out there, starting to get over it haha

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If it's your 1st trip outside don't go too far. :1onono:

Straight out the front of the heads is the Leads.

A little south is the Colours.

It's about 1-1.5kms out.

You should be able to get a few fish from there.

Take it easy & keep safe.



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