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Massive tide


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Everything floating in space will exert some gravitational force on the earth and will therefore impact on tides. However the mass of the comet would be so small its going to be miniscule and completely unnoticeable. This is a list of the various planets and the sun and their relative contribution to gravitational force on earth (sun = 1):-

Moon 2.1

Sun 1.00

Venus 0.000113

Jupiter 0.0000131

Mars 0.0000023

Mercury 0.0000007

Saturn 0.0000005

Uranus 0.000000001

Neptune 0.000000002

Pluto 0.0000000000001

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The biggest morning tides are around christmas, and the biggest night time tides are in the middle of the year. Happens every year, nothing to do with comets, climate change, or any comments by Tim Flannery or the other galoots like him around the world.

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Exactly right.

It's not summer yet, even if our 'normal' portrayal of summer

makes us think so.

Look at the equinoxes.

Summer equinox is around Dec 21st.

Autumn equinox is around Mar 21st.

Winter equinox is around June 21st

Spring equinox is around Sept 21st.

Our largest tides always coincide with our new/full moon phases.

A new or full moon phase around our equinoxes are the reasons for our big tides.

During the Autumn equinox the tides swing around to bigger night time tides.

Obviously summer is the opposite.

So called 'King' tides always occur at Xmas.

They are also a great time to fish. :biggrin2:

Remember, no run no fun! :yahoo:



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I thought this tide was due to the cyclone off fiji?

Does this mean there will be another one closer to christmas?

It's got nothing to do with cyclones, comets or the end of the world! :wacko:

Bigger tides again around Xmas. Tide phases are every 2 weeks.

Full moon on the 29th.

It's important to know this as the moon affects ALL fishing.



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