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Wollongong and Port Kembla 24/11/12


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Hello fellow fishraiders,

Have been a member for a while now however this is my first post,

Put in at wollongong 24/11/12 at 4 am and headed out off fairy meadow looking for some flatties at a spot that had never let me down , until this outing. conditions were perfect with a slight breeze with high tide just before sunrise. Spent 2hrs drifting between 12-20m and got donuts so change of tactics as the sounder was picking up large schools of bait fish all over the place. Droped down the bait flasher rig and got a mixed bag of slimmys and large yakkas. Caught 20+ in a matter of 15 min. only kept a few to down rig for kingfish, was good fun though on light gear as 4 decent sized slimmys all pulling at once can put a nice bend in ur rod! put them in the live tank and headed out to the islands off port kembla. dropped 2 over the side and they didnt even get a sniff. Surprised that after 30 min cruizing about they still had plently of life in them so i let them go to fight another day. Again changed tactic and found a nice outcrop of reef. dropped a padanoster rig over with half a pillie on each hook. after another 30 min only hooked one sargent baker (went around 50-55cm) called it quits after that as my brother was dead asleep in the cabin and there was no action.

Planning on heading out over the next week and wondering if anyone has had anyluck with anything either bellambi, wollongong or port. espectially interested in popping my kingfish cherry!!


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