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Kiwi Big Kings on fly


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Just got back.The season has been late over there as well.We landed Kingies every day with sporadic electric action.

I used mainly fly and occasional Saltiga.The fight with a big king on a fly rod is something to behold! Also it is a sight you do not

forget when a big king with those huge silver/white flanks and powerful yellow tails emerge from the depths after torrid hand to hand combat.


Hooked up in a spectacular coastline.

post-2678-089583100 1355560183_thumb.jpg

post-2678-012075000 1355560211_thumb.jpg

post-2678-007727000 1355560230_thumb.jpg

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mate well done.

Ive seen you catch them here, but to go to NZ to show them

how its done is fantastic. :thumbup:



There are many ways to catch these smart and tough fish.Fly is one of them,

I also enjoy jigging and livebaiting in NZ.No matter which method you employ,a Kingie

is never subdued-even when you get them in the boat!


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That's a very serious looking stick mgj. What's the rig you're using?

Cheers, Slinky


Those rods were a 9wt and a 14wt respectively,with the appropriate reels.You can almost

equate jigstick power with those rigs.


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Nice work Mark, lucky bugger :biggrin2:, whats the biggest you got on fly this trip mate? . Its still all been happening in the Harbour, might see you out on the water this weekend with the 100's of other boaties that have time off over Christmas.


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